Foresight For Evolution turns the spotlight on the future of entertainment post-covid-19.

In the coming year, media & entertainment continue to develop quickly, with constant trends and disruptions within the industry and its resumed response to pandemic-led behavioral changes. As a result, our 2022 Media and Entertainment view explores five attention-grabbing trends that we assume will include the broadest impact across the industry.

 Live-streamed shows are here to stay.

 Virtual events are here to stay, although the return of music festivals, movies and comedy shows after the COVID-19 pandemic exists.Highlights from the research bring interesting insights about live streaming!A survey of musicians, stand-up and concertgoers for the study, covering both classical and popular themes across a wide variety of genres, found:

  • 90% of musicians and 92% of fans decided live-streaming concerts would, in the future, be a victorious tool to reach audiences to compensate for physical venues. Over two-thirds of those observed agreed live streaming shows will stay an essential part of the landscape after the pandemic.
  • 72% of live music & Entertainment Concepts and 74% of musicians agree that they should pay for live-streaming arrangements. In addition, 62% of fans say the fence cost for live-streamed shows isn’t a barrier. 78% of fans would be designed to pay for a live-stream show by an artist who is offering some other live-streamed scope for free
  • 95% of fans say emotional arrangement from the artist during live-stream concerts is important to them. In addition, 82% decided that entertainers recognizing individuals’ presence in the audience during a live stream made them feel connected.

 “There were multiple comments from attendees unable to visit physical venues, even in non-pandemic times, representing their appreciation of the availability of live-streamed concerts. Attendees also voiced gratitude for being able to watch concerts by artists”.

 Comedy has become a serious necessity for post-pandemic.

 A relatively new bunch of comedy shows on TV. A decade on, we have our comedians and comedians. We laugh at jokes that have their source in our culture and ethos. Comedy, finally, is serious business. The game-changers have been the Internet, heeded by cheap data and OTT platforms, especially after the pandemic, with the home-bound audience ready to pay for the content it enjoyed to watch.

“There has stood a drastic shift in the past 10-15 years. Before, comedians were not a respected lot and the acts were used only as content, whether it was an awards ceremony, “Comedy has become an essential part of the entertainment business now. Whether a dance show or music reality programs, hosts across genres use Humour as a base for their scripts.”

But for the comedy to become ‘intelligent,’ energy still remains sometimes. The safest bet is to strike a personal chord; comics do that by smashing a joke about themselves. “Many make jokes about their class, type, etc.”The pandemic showed various factors of human behavior that we had never seen before. As a viewer of the times, Different tries to find different expressions of getting experience,”

These new attempts create markets beyond temporarily substituting (offline) live performances. Such recently emerging online content in the pandemic is expected to continue to develop and settle as a new category of online streaming content, adding more value to the ‘digitalized’ entertainment industry.