Laughter has surprisingly trim to do with jokes and humor.

Most laughs dont come from listening to funny stories. Robert Provine, a neuroscientist at the University of Maryland, found that youre 30 times more likely to laugh when talking to a friend, even if what theyre saying isnt funny. In this case, laughter helps the interlocutor know we like them and empathize with them. We can also laugh to hide or relieve tension.

Humor isn’t the only thing that makes laughter.

People find jokes funny when told by someone they know, especially when they find them funny. Editor of humor and cartoons explains that clever cartoons are even more fun when there are other variables that we like, such as good drawings, comedians we admire and people. doing. to be knocked down like

Humans aren’t the only ones doing this.

A British researcher who spent months in a captive chimpanzee colony found that the primates always smile. Laughter usually results from spontaneous reactions to physical contacts, such as wrestling, chasing, tickling, or being startled. Others have found evidence that rats laugh at the high-pitched ultrasound, but rat pups laugh much more often than adults.

It is a universal language.

Because laughter sounds essentially the same in every culture, some researchers believe that laughter is somehow connected to where our ancestors met. In fact, according to the University of Kentucky, laughter is so common and familiar that its recognizable when played backward.

Some of the Laughter Triggers

We identified and cataloged the elements so that we could teach them and help people learn to use them in their stories and jokes.

 Call these elements laughter triggers. They are implanted in the human psyche. They are:

  1. Surprise
  2. Superiority
  3. Humiliation
  4. Incongruity
  5. Recognition
  6. Release
  7. Configurationally
  8. Mystery
  9. Coincidence

Sense of humor

An important part of fluency is reading different types of humor.  what it means to be able to read a persons humor? When we read someone, we understand what he clearly says and everything he might imply. You can. Humor is subtle. It cannot be easy to catch. Every culture has a sense of humor, from family groups to classrooms full of like-minded students to cities and countries full of people. Just as different regions around the world have their way of cooking, we can share some ideas, but each one is still very different.

Someone is a master (or very good at) self-deprecating humor. In that case, it means they are good at belittling themselves or purposely making fun of themselves to amuse others. . Its done in a way that makes everyone laugh rather than offend. Self-deprecating humor makes people feel comfortable because it makes the person appear genuine and humble and can be vulnerable enough to laugh at themselves.

Comedy is a universal language that everyone speaks. From silly hand gestures to funny jokes, comedy has it all. There were jokes in every royal palace. The only person who can make fun of a king at will; in this day and age, some comedians make us laugh until our bellies hurt.